Increase your strength, speed, power, and stamina while protecting your body from injury in 6 minutes (or less). 

There's a good chance the way you're warming up is breaking your body. Jogging and long, slow stretching is a recipe for poor performance and actually increases your risk of injury.

6 Minute Superhuman is a body activation system that I've taught to thousand dollar an hour clients and thousands of people over the past 18 years. This isn't based on guesswork or on a few experiments, but years of in-depth training and research. Now I want to teach you!

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Don't miss out on maximizing your exercise gains by minimizing your warmup.



You know how a workout routine can transform your life. 

But are you sabotaging your workouts with a bad warmup?

I understand. Your schedule is full. Time is short. You're already crushing it and making time for a workout. But too many high performers undermine their workout with an old-fashioned warmup.

Fitness has evolved a lot since the 80s, but slow stretches and running laps are still the norm for many people. 

You don't have time to waste, and you certainly don't have time for preventable injury that affects your workouts and potentially your work. 

The 6 Minute Superhuman System gives you a proven body activation sequence to make each workout as good as it can possibly be.

Mark Manson
NYT Best Selling Author

Dan has been an incredible resource not just for common sense nutrition and exercise advice, but more importantly, in seeing how advice can integrate into my day-to-day decisions.

We all know we should stop eating junk food and exercise more. But Dan helped me understand why I continued to make the same unhealthy choices over and over, then strategize a few practical solutions to fit into my busy day-to-day life.

Mark Feldman
CEO of Game Show Network

Before working with Dan, I didn't have all the pieces in place to achieve what I was capable of. I was depressed, and it filtered into everything I did. I had resigned myself to my current plateau of professional success.

Dan helped me realize that I needed to transform my physique and mindset to be the kind of person who people will rally behind to get a "big deal" across the finish line. Our work together filled me with the confidence and pride I needed! 


What happens if you don't fix your warmup?

I've seen two primary problems with my clients who don't warmup properly. 

☝️ Decreased performance on your workout: if you warmup with the old "run and stretch" routine from the 80s, it's not activating your body for the workout. 

✌️Increased injury rate: you fail to unwind and activate your body from the daily grind of work and sitting for 6+ hours.

As you get older, the body naturally tightens and stiffens. Without a proper body activation warmup, you're increasing the chance of injury — putting both your work and workouts at risk.

Don't fail to reach maximum gains and performance because of a bad warmup. 

View a Sample Warmup Flow

Introducing the 6 Minute Superhuman System

This program is like compound interest for your body. The more you do it, the better you feel and the more effective your workouts will be.

Consistent practice will improve your strength and performance while protecting your body from injury. 6MS also serves as an effective mental "on switch" for telling your body it's time to exercise.

Here’s what you’ll get in 6 Minute Superhuman:

  • 5 unique pre-workout exercise flows
  • 38 easy-to-follow exercise videos
  • Morning Wake Up Movements
  • Desk Break Routine
  • Post Workout Recovery Optimizer
  • Protocols on how to massage your own body without paying an expensive masseuse

…and a whole lot more to come.

Here is my promise: If you do the 6 Minute Superhuman warmup before every workout and don't see your best results, I will give you a total refund. 

The 6 Minute Superhuman will help reverse negative work effects, activate your body for performance, and prevent injury so you can be your best at the gym, at work, and at home. 

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Here's what people are saying about the 6 Minute Superhuman System

Reverse the dangerous effects of sitting

The average person sits for 6+ hours each day. This is a problem because this sitting for long periods without a proactive mobility plan can lead to: 

  • Poor posture
  • Obesity and weight gain
  • Neck, shoulder, and low back pain
  • Increased risk for depression and anxiety

If you fail to realign and activate your broken body before a workout you are actually increasing the risk of injury while minimizing potential gains.

This program amplifies your workouts and gains each day, leading to significant improvements over time... all because you took 6 minutes to warm up properly.

Maximize Gains and Reduce Injury

As you make these seemingly small investments to your workout, the "compound interest" I told you about starts to accrue. 

  • Increased performance
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Greater range of motion

6 Minute Superhuman reverses the body's stiffness with dynamic stretching, mobility exercises, and low-to-no-weight movements.

And you can do all of this at home, work, or as preparation for the workout of the day. 

If you're looking for a pre-workout routine to maximize gains and minimize injury, 6 Minute Superhuman is the body activation system you need. 

3 Essential Elements of an Effective Warmup


1 — Dynamic Stretching: Mobilize your joints and prepare them for action, especially vital if you've been inactive or seated for a while at your desk job. 

2 — Neuromuscular Activation: Is a fancy way of saying that you need to awaken your nervous system and muscles, ensuring they're alert and responsive before diving into the main workout.

3 — Pre-Lift Activation: Set the stage for peak performance by preparing your body specifically for the exercises that follow, optimizing your strength, speed, power, and endurance. Remember, a systematic approach trumps random gym activities every time.

Examples of the 6 Minute Superhuman sequence in practice:

Begin with dynamic stretches to get the necessary parts of your body ready for your workout. Opt for stretches such as hip swivels, the world's greatest stretch (seen in the video below), lat stretches, and many others in the course. 

Kickstart your nervous system with cardio exercises like jumping jacks and wake up your muscles with activities like glute bridges.

Perform a warm-up set at 50% of your intended lifting weight to prime your body for the session. This helps your body get used to the motions without overloading weight.

This sequence is the intelligent approach to preparing your body for a workout, ensuring you feel more ready than ever before to tackle your exercise routine.


Watch a sample flow to see 6 Minute Superhuman in action!


Hey! It's Dan Go. 

Here's my story...

I’m Dan Go, the CEO of High Performance Founder. I've spent 18 years coaching thousands of clients, helping them lose over 100,000+ pounds.

But when I think back on my fitness journey, I realize my biggest mistake was neglecting pre-workout preparation, leading to a severe lower back injury and decade-long stiffness.

At 43, I've never been in better shape — with a big reason being the 6 Minute Superhuman. I learned about it from Mark Forsesian, who used to be a trainer for the Arizona Cardinals. Mark showed me that everything I was doing in my workouts was wrong — a very humbling moment.

Now, I can lift double my body weight without risk, all thanks to the 6 Minute Superhuman sequence!

A Superhuman warmup is a lean body cheat code.

I was always into video games as a kid. You name it and I had them all Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and yes, even an Atari.

It was all about the games. Some would challenge you in dexterity while others in complexity. If there was one thing apparent about all games it was that they were all about challenging you to "up" your skills in one way or another.

The thing about the fitness industry that is similar to video games is that it always challenges you to best yourself and, it too, has its very own set of cheat codes.

The 6 Minute Superhuman is a cheat code that will enhance all aspects of human performance and quite literally change your body's athletic genetics forever.

Mainstream media as well as fitness experts put so much emphasis on the exercises that will help you get to the body of your dreams but do a very poor job of teaching you how actually move in that body.

This lack of education and a 9 to 5 lifestyle results in nagging pains in certain areas of the body (back, shoulder and knees), weaker performance in physical activities as well as a body that is accelerates in age.

And I'm sure we can all agree that there is no point to looking good if you are not feeling good. Usually both go hand in hand.

6 Minute Superhuman is a sequence that I've used with great success with clients from all genders, all ages and all types of experiences. 

It's an exact, science proven formula that will ultimately allow your body to work at it's fullest potential every single day regardless if it is picking up a child or one of my lean body 90 workouts.

This is a fitness cheat code of gigantic proportions that is scientifically proven to INSTANTLY boost every aspect of your human performance (strength, speed, power, agility, flexibility, endurance and energy) while healing your old injuries and bulletproofing your body from new ones.

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Matt's 6 Minute
Superhuman Experience

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I was one of those people who treated the first round of exercises as the warmup. I felt too busy to do a long warmup — not to mention bored doing the old jog ‘n stretch circuit. Then I noticed I was falling behind my peers during workouts, feeling sore longer than I should have, and experiencing little nagging injuries. 

6 Minute Superhuman solved all those problems for me. Instead of being time consuming and boring, it was fast and active. I felt better during workouts and recovered quickly. My times started getting faster, and injuries disappeared. 

The extra benefit I didn’t expect was how great the flows are as a morning routine or quick desk break. It energizes me without a big sweat and is fun to do with my kids! 

Highly recommend 6 Minute Superhuman if you are looking to level up with a warmup!

Real Results From People Just Like You!

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🏋️‍♂️ Post Workout Recovery Optimizer
📹 100+ easy-to-follow exercise videos
🤸‍♂️ 13 unique pre-workout exercise flows

and much, much more to come!

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6 Minute Superhuman is my go-to routine for an effective workout.

Think about how many years you can experience a healthy, high performance lifestyle with the right systems and habits. 

6 Minute Superhuman is the body activation system you need. 

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Here is my promise: If you put in the work and don’t see results, I will give you a total refund. No questions asked. 

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