43| Sterling Hawkins - Hunting Discomfort Will Change Your Life

I am thrilled to welcome Sterling Hawkins to the podcast today! Sterling is an internationally recognized entrepreneur, motivational leader, and public speaker, and he did a TED Talk in 2019 titled “Discomfort Is Necessary for Innovation” which has been viewed 100,000 times! He is also the author of Hunting Discomfort which is all about actively looking for discomfort in order to improve our lives.

We talk about so many different things in this discussion such as what his process for hunting discomfort is, how to lean into our emotions, what the difference is between hunting and discomfort and living with it, why having love in your life is important and how you can go about fostering it, and so much more - including advice on how to conquer the fear of things such as the possible economic recession on the horizon. He also answers a few rapid-fire questions such as who his mentors are, what his most profound experiences have been, and so forth.

What is one major commitment that we can choose to stick to today – without fear holding us back? I encourage you to give that some thought as you check out Sterling's website. I had such a great time having this chat with Sterling, and if you enjoy listening to it, please be sure to stay tuned by subscribing to the podcast so that you don't miss any future episodes. I would also be really grateful if you were to share the podcast with someone you know who might also get something beneficial out of it!


Time Stamps

1:08 – Today's guest is Sterling Hawkins!

2:59 – Sterling dives into what it means to hunt discomfort.

5:10 – Sterling reflects on how and why he fell from a pinnacle.

7:54 – Sterling reveals what he learned from having fallen from such a pinnacle.

10:08 – What pushed Sterling to do public speaking?

12:52 – Sterling touches upon how people can get over fear holding them back.

14:57 – We need to make our commitments bigger than our feelings.

16:42 – Sterling argues for the importance of having love in your life.

18:45 – How can people go about fostering love in their lives?

20:51 – Dan emphasizes that we don't have to hunt discomfort alone.

22:12 – Sterling adds that self-accountability isn't enough when it comes to growing.

23:25 – We get some insight into Sterling's family life.

25:36 – Discover why Sterling moved to Denver to be closer to his family.

28:20 – A lot of entrepreneurs, Dan points out, like working a lot.

31:25 – How can we be proactive about finding what makes us uncomfortable?

32:15 – Sterling shares that he is offering a free quiz about hunting discomfort.

34:54 – Sterling argues that sex is not the best part of a relationship.

37:41 – We are encouraged to think about what is most important to us in our lives.

38:55 – Sterling provides us with an example of how he personally hunts discomfort.

41:49 – Sterling modestly says that he is no better than anyone else.

44:03 – Commitment is what's most important about hunting discomfort.

46:57 – What is one big commitment that we can choose to make today?

48:33 – Hear examples of words that signify that someone isn't ready to make a commitment.

50:13 – Sterling gives advice on how to confront major discomfort such as a recession.

52:30 – Sterling addresses the difference between discomfort and legitimate danger.

55:28 – What are the chances that you would die from skydiving?

58:02 – Sterling refers to an insightful quote from Carl Jung.

59:02 – Sterling reveals the next level of discomfort he's aiming for.

59:32 – Who are Sterling's mentors?

1:00:07 – Sterling talks about his most uncomfortable past experience.

1:01:05 – Sterling elaborates upon some of his most profound experiences.

1:02:41 – Where can listeners find Sterling online?



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