41| Cory Muscura - High Performance Mindfulness

I am so excited to be bringing my friend Cory Muscara onto the show today to talk about mindfulness. Cory is the co-founder of and is the bestselling author of Stop Missing Your Life: How to be Deeply Present in an Un-Present World. He has also taught mindful leadership at Columbia University, is an instructor of positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, has over 500,000 followers across his social media platforms, and has even been named by Dr. Oz as one of the nation's leading experts in mindfulness!

As a former monk living in a Buddhist monastery, Cory discusses how to be mindful in 2022. He elaborates upon what mindfulness is, how mindfulness and meditation work, how they fit into the life of an entrepreneur, what his teaching style looks like and how he combines mindfulness with emotional awareness, what your inner child is and how to get in touch with it, how he combines being mindful of the present while also thinking about the future from an entrepreneurial standpoint, and so much more – including answers to rapid-fire questions!

This was such an incredible and insightful conversation, and it is always a pleasure talking to Cory! Thanks for listening to this interview with him! I recommend listening to his podcast and following him on social media. If you like this episode and want to hear more, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that, in the future, whenever a new episode comes out, you don't miss it! I would also appreciate it if you would share the podcast with someone you know who might also get something out of it.


Time Stamps

0:44 – Learn about Cory Muscara and his credentials.

3:24 – Cory defines mindfulness.

6:24 – Cory offers a simplified explanation of what mindfulness is.

8:16 – Cory touches upon why he started meditating.

11:11 – Dan comments on Cory having become a Buddhist monk.

12:04 – Dan describes his mindfulness teacher and why he was challenging.

13:52 – What are the biggest lessons that Cory has learned?

16:53 – Cory describes his own teaching style.

19:35 – How does Cory combine mindfulness with emotional awareness?

21:47 – Cory argues that awareness doesn't have to be earned.

23:47 – Cory asserts that all of us have an inner child.

26:17 – Discover how to get in touch with your inner child.

29:20 – Cory argues that curiosity has to be the foundation.

31:42 – Cory lists the benefits of communicating with your inner child.

33:57 – Dan offers insight from his own experiences.

36:00 – Hear a specific example of how Cory brought mindfulness into a difficult situation.

39:03 – Cory offers another definition of mindfulness.

41:50 – Cory explains how he marries the future with the present as an entrepreneur.

45:00 – Does Cory check in with himself?

46:12 – Learn about the difference between mindfulness and meditation.

48:31 – Cory gives advice on how to incorporate mindfulness as an entrepreneur.

50:18] – Cory defines statue meditation.

51:15] – Learn about the GRAIN method.

53:02 – Dan encourages us to listen to Cory's podcast.

54:10 – Who is Cory's favorite golfer?

55:28 – Discover why Cory loves golf.

56:15 – What is Cory's most important belief?

56:43 – Cory argues that meditation being about clearing your mind is a misconception.

58:00 – Who were some of Cory's mentors?

1:00:35 – Cory provides his thoughts on karma.

1:02:46 – Cory reveals how he wants people to remember him.

1:03:20 – Learn where to find Cory online.



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