33| ZUBY on Lessons from talking to over 500,000 people while selling his music on the streets of the UK, the metaphorical meanings of his viral tweets, His Workout & Diet Routine and more

Nzube Olisaebuka Udezue  better known by his stage name Zuby, is a British rapper, influencer & podcaster.   He received media attention after posting a video on Twitter of himself performing a deadlift of 238 kg (525 lb), with a statement saying he had broken the British women's deadlift record while "identifying as a woman”.   Since then he’s grown significantly. He now has close to 800,000 twitter followers, 340,000 instagram followers and 117,000 subscribers on Youtube. He influences millions, if not, billions of people across the world with his words and music. Let me know what your favourite part was on Twitter @fitfounder