42| Rob Smith - Lessons From the Army & Transforming His Body

I would consider today's guest, Rob Smith, an influencer above all else, although many would primarily think of him as a political commentator on Fox News. He has been through so much to get to where he is now and now has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter. He and I talk about his past and how he, as a gay man in the military, fought to repeal the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy and obtained a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia University.

Listen as Rob walks us through his journey and how and why his political beliefs started to shift from liberal to conservative. He reflects on the verbal and physical abuse that he endured throughout his life and how that informed the way that he saw himself, how and why he decreased his alcohol intake, and so much more - including advice on how to make money and make something of ourselves!

Rob also answers some rapid-fire questions including who his personal heroes are, what his mission is, how he has overcome his greatest challenges, and much more! As always, I had a really awesome conversation with Rob, and I hope that you enjoy my conversation with him as well. If you do like this episode and want to hear more, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that whenever a new episode drops, you won’t miss it! I would also really appreciate it if you would share the podcast with someone you know who might also get something out of it!

Time Stamps

1:07 – Learn about Rob Smith's credentials.

2:58 – Rob explains what he does.

4:22 – What led Rob to become a political commentator?

5:32 – Rob walks us through how his politics shifted.

8:14 – Rob reflects on why he joined the army.

11:40 – Rob argues that abuse informs the way you see yourself.

14:00] – How does Rob circumvent negative thoughts?

16:33 – Discover what convinced Rob to make improvements in his life.

19:27 – Rob reveals the biggest lesson he has learned from his body transformation.

22:15 – Rob was initially against eating more to gain muscle.

24:16 – What has Rob noticed since he started drinking less alcohol?

26:30 – Hear why Rob does not drink at political functions.

27:55 – Rob explains what Rob 2.0 means to him.

30:30 – We are encouraged to not measure happiness by social media popularity.

31:07 – Rob lists a few things that make him happy.

34:00 – Rob reflects on how he was physically accosted because of his political beliefs.

37:04 – Rob encourages people to fight against who they're told they're supposed to be.

39:17 – Discover why Rob decided against running for congress.

41:43 – Rob comments on setting attainable financial goals.

44:55 – Rob gives us some insight into the idea of betting on ourselves.

46:11 – People who want to make something of themselves need focus and discipline.

48:18 – Who are some of Rob's heroes?

50:46 – Rob discloses his mission.

52:09 – How has Rob overcome his greatest adversity?

53:20 – Dan argues that part of being an adult is reparenting ourselves.

55:57 – Rob shares where listeners can find him online.



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