40| Sahil Bloom - Success Principles, Inner Game & Lessons For His Son

Are you the type of person who pretty much always feels the need to work hard at everything that you do? Maybe you've even been called an overachiever? If so, then you're likely going to relate to my guest today, Sahil Bloom. Sahil is an investor who runs a VC fund, and we talk today about what makes him tick. He discusses his training regime, his system behind parenting and his marriage, and so much more!

Tune in as Sahil reflects on the time that he failed to make the grand slam that would have won his team the game and how that led to him taking a summer off. He shares what he learned from taking that time off, how he feels about people's need to define themselves and/or what they do, why he makes an effort to reject being called a VC, what he learned from both of his parents, what being a new father has been like for him, and so much more.

He also answers some rapid-fire questions such as the best prank that he ever pulled on someone, what movie last got him emotional, what advice he gives others that he most struggles to follow himself, and more! This is one of my favorite conversations that I have had on this podcast. I really admire Sahil because of how deeply he thinks about every single aspect of his life and because of how he puts his all into everything that he does. I thank you for listening to this interview with Sahil and strongly encourage you to check out his newsletter on his website! If you enjoy this episode and want to hear more, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that, in the future, whenever a new episode comes out, you don't miss it! I would also appreciate it if you would share the podcast with someone you know who might also get something out of it.

Time Stamps

1:09 – Dan's guest today is Sahil Bloom.

3:30 – Sahil discusses the time he gave up a game-winning grand slam.

6:52 – Sahil reflects on why he took a summer off.

9:10 – What is the biggest lesson Sahil took away from taking time off?

11:49 – Sahil provides insight into why people feel the need to define themselves.

14:32 – Learn what Sahil says when asked what he does.

17:31 – Sahil discusses what he learned from training with Eric Cressey.

20:26 – Discover why Sahil loves deadlifting.

21:57 – What is a mental gym?

24:24 – Sahil touches upon an important lesson that he learned from his mother.

25:45 – Sahil argues for the importance of setting a standard for oneself.

28:00 – Sahil has chosen to live swimming upstream rather than downstream.

29:27 – From whom does Sahil get his intense drive?

32:45 – Sahil reflects on what he learned from his father.

34:25 – Sahil believes that we should be there for people when they're in their darkest hours.

35:58 – Sahil makes a distinction between interesting and interested.

38:48 – Sahil discloses how he and his wife manage their marriage.

41:40 – How did Sahil know that he wanted to marry his wife?

44:05 – Sahil explains how he balances his personal life with his professional life.

46:53 – Hear about Sahil's energy calendar.

48:55 – Sahil reveals what activities are draining for him.

51:45 – Sahil has been writing letters to himself on his birthday for twenty-five years.

54:03 – Sahil argues that your life drastically and rapidly changes when you're young.

55:00 – What's the best prank that Sahil ever pulled?

56:14 – Sahil reveals what movie last made him cry.

57:55 – Sahil reveals three common concepts with which he disagrees.

59:22 – Sahil is bad at saying no.

1:02:06 – How much sleep does Sahil tend to get at night?

1:04:34 – Learn where to find Sahil online.


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