39| Success Story: 41-Year Old Successful Investor Dropped 30 lbs, Transformed His Body While Increasing His Energy & Performance At Work

Joining me today is my friend, client, and financial mentor Chris Bailey to talk primarily about his health. He is crushing my program, already having dropped about a quarter of his body weight and gained a ton of strength. He discusses how having his fourth child coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic prompted him to want to start taking his health more seriously. He also reveals what observations he has made since he started making changes, emphasizing the importance of consistency and discipline.

Listen in as Chris advises us that losing weight and improving our health does not involve instant gratification; it takes time to see results, and he points out that the reverse is also true – that the consequences of unhealthy decisions don't usually manifest right away. He also enthusiastically touches upon the freedom that he has been enjoying alongside the compromises that he has had to make, making it all worth it.

Chris and I also talk about wealth and money and its correlation with health, and we both agree that the unfortunate reality is that it does tend to be easier for wealthier people to live healthier lifestyles. However, he gives listeners a little bit of advice regarding how to make better financial choices, especially in these trying times, encouraging us to monetize our skills. I really hope that this conversation with Chris is helpful, and I thank you for listening and thank Chris for his time! If you like this episode and want to hear more, please be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that, in the future, whenever a new episode comes out, you'll know right away! I would also appreciate it if you would share the podcast with someone you know who might also get something out of it.


Time Stamps

1:18 – We are introduced to today's guest, Chris Bailey.

1:42 – Chris provides some background information about himself.

2:47 – What prompted Chris to want to improve his health?

5:27 – Chris elaborates upon what his health was like prior to changing his lifestyle.

8:45 – Dan argues that we are living in a time when health is especially complicated.

9:32 – Chris shares his biggest observations since his health has improved.

12:13 – Dan points out that wanting to be healthier does involve compromise.

13:20 – Chris recommends the book How Will You Measure Your Life?.

15:50 – Dan agrees that maintaining health is a slow process.

17:47 – Chris adds that going to the gym in the morning rather than night has helped him.

18:43 – What benefits has Chris seen from going to the gym in the morning?

20:14 – Chris states that he feels free.

22:00 – What advice would Chris give to his past self to help motivate him?

24:52 – Dan offers insight into getting healthy for your family.

27:55 – Chris asserts that the gym should be a safe space.

30:13 – Chris begins discussing wealth.

32:43 – We are provided with some financial advice.

35:45 – Dan sums up some of the key points of this episode.



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