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4 Minute Fridays: The 6 Most Important Graphs You'll Ever See, Hot Water Immersion And Muscle Growth & Why I'm Doing A Podcast Interview With My Dad

4 minute fridays Mar 29, 2024

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What's In Store For Today:

  • The 6 most important graphs you'll ever see.
  • Can hot water immersion stimulate muscle growth?
  • Why we should do podcast interviews with our parents. 

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The other day a prominent health influencer had a hit piece written about him in a big magazine.

I won't get into the details but if you search hard enough you'll know who I'm talking about.

This situation reminded me of an important lesson in who we follow on social media:

If we're not careful we can put people on a pedestal especially if they're popular or have changed our lives.

It can be easy to start thinking of them as perfect and that they can do no wrong.

But if there's one thing I know about myself and, in general people, is that we're all flawed human beings.

It's harder to do but we need to separate the person from the value that they bring to the world or else we'll start making them something that they're not.

No one is perfect and judging them for that doesn't make things any better.

I've made plenty of mistakes in my life and I will make more. Chance are you will too.

We all need a bit of grace and understanding that we're all trying to do our best.

That being said...

Here Is Your 4 Minute Friday:

1. The 6 Most Important Graphs You'll Ever See

Sometimes we can get so caught up with life that we don't zoom out to see the big picture.

I find it helps to visualize our lives as it puts things into perspective.

This is why I wanted to share 6 graphs that hit hard for me.

Here they are in a nutshell:

Graph 1: After the age of 20, you’ll only spend a small amount of time with your family and parents before the end of their or your life.

Graph 2: Before the age of 18, you’ll spend a lot of time with a lot of ‘friends’. After 30, you’ll spend a small amount of time with just a few important friends.

Graph 3: The time you spend with your partner will continue to increase from the day you meet them, until the day that you die (2)

Graph 4: If you’re a parent, you’ll spend the most time with your children between the ages of 25 and 50, after that, you won’t see them often.

Graph 5: You’ll spend a huge amount of your time between the ages of 20 and 60 with the people you work with.

Graph 6: At 30 years old, the amount of time you spend by yourself increases until the day that you die.

Here's the thread with all the graphs. If you can't access X you can check this one out on IG


2. Hot Water And Muscle Growth

A new study (1) came out that took 16 physically inactive middle-aged adults (nine males and seven females) and had them do a cycling workout at 50% of their peak V02 max.

After the workout, they would immediately go into a hot tub as a form of rest.

They found that hot water immersion post-exercise may enhance muscular blood flow, which may also induce greater protein synthesis and hypertrophy (aka. muscle gain).

I do find the benefit of going into a hot environment (hot tub or sauna) over the cold but that's anecdotal.

This is an acute study so definitely take it with a grain of salt. I'd wait on more studies to get a clear picture of whether this is legit or not.

3. I'm Doing A Podcast Interview With My Dad. Here's Why...

My biggest hero in my life is my dad.

He took the biggest risk in his life by spending all his money to move us from the Philippines to North America so we could live a better life.

He worked his butt off to take us from dead poor to upper middle class. He's the reason I go to the gym and the reason I chose the entrepreneur path.

He's coming to visit me in the summertime and when he does I'm going to do a podcast interview with him.

I've also talked with my wife Linda and we plan to do this with her parents too.

The reason why I want to do this is because I want our children to know where we came from and I feel like this is a great way to keep their memory alive.

I wish I had done with my mom before she passed and I think it will be both fun and cathartic.

This has nothing to do with health but I thought it would be a cool idea to do with your parents if you're so blessed to have them around.

Btw I did a thread on some questions I intend to ask him, which you can access here:


Client Of The Week - Jason Knutson, Entrepreneur

Jason is an entrepreneur who wants to lose 50 lbs, increase energy, and become a better example to his family.

In 6 months we dropped 51 lbs and dropped 11 inches from his waistline! His energy is up and his entire mentality around fitness has changed.

He's increased his confidence, his family is proud of the changes he made and he's added years back to this life.

Here's how we did it:

  • We emphasized weight training to help him build muscle so he could maintain his metabolism.
  • We didn't do any cardio but recommended walking every day to help burn calories and also reduce stress levels.
  • We changed his eating habits to eat the right foods at the right times while emphasizing protein.

Jason stayed the course and was able to crush his transformation. Congrats!

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to drop the fat, gain muscle, and boost energy? Click this link to apply for our coaching program.

One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“Stay afraid, but do it anyway. What’s important is the action. You don’t have to wait to be confident. Just do it and eventually, the confidence will follow.”
- Carrie Fisher

You'll never be fully ready to take the leap. You must start before you're ready.

- Dan


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  1. Steward CJ, Hill M, Menzies C, Bailey SJ, Rahman M, Thake CD, Pugh CJA, Cullen T. Post exercise hot water immersion and hot water immersion in isolation enhance vascular, blood marker, and perceptual responses when compared to exercise alone. Scand J Med Sci Sports. 2024 Mar;34(3):e14600. doi: 10.1111/sms.14600. PMID: 38470997.
  2. This is all the more reason to make sure you make the right choice if you choose to get married.

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