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4 Minute Fridays: The Best Workout For Busy People, Longevity Secrets Of A 93 Year Old World Record Rowing Champion & 5 Powerful Reasons To Walk After A Meal & The Unique Power Of Olive Oil

4 minute fridays May 17, 2024

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Welcome to 4 Minute Fridays, my weekly newsletter where I reveal cutting-edge tips to help you get lean, boost energy, and live longer.

What's In Store For Today:

  • The best workout for busy people
  • Longevity secrets of a 93-year-old world record rowing champion
  • 5 powerful reasons to take a walk after a meal

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Hello Friend.

I'm writing to you from sunny Mexico where I'm catching a few waves and doing a little "date-cation" with my wife.

For future issues of 4 Minute Fridays, I wanted to do something a little different for you called AMA, which stands for the Ask Me Anything.

It's simple:

If you have a question about health, fitness, longevity, or anything else you can send me a question here: [email protected] 

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So send your questions there and I can't wait to feature you on the 4MF.

That being said...


Here Is Your 4 Minute Friday:

1. The Best Workout For Busy People

The other day I was watching an interview with one of the world's most popular exercise scientists Dr. Mike Israetel founder of Renaissance Periodization.

While most of the interview was about muscle building there was one part that was interesting to me, which was about how busy people should train.

Dr. Mike's recommendation for busy people was to do a workout where you superset compound movements together.

A superset is a lifting protocol where you do a set of one exercise and right after you do another set of another non-competing exercise.


Set 1 - Squats x 8 reps supersetted with Pushups x 8 reps with a 2-minute rest after.
Set 2 - Squats x 8 reps supersetted with Pushups x 8 reps with a 2 minute rest after.
Set 3 - Squats x 8 reps supersetted with Pushups x 8 reps with a 2 minute rest after.

In my opinion, this is the most efficient way to build muscle, get stronger, and burn a bit of fat for busy people who don't have much time to spare.

I also feel slightly vindicated because it's the exact workout method we use in our Lean Body 90 program 😁

Here's the interview if you're interested (starts when he talks about supersets):


2. Longevity Secrets Of A 93-Year-Old World Record Holding Champion Rower

Richard Morgan was sedentary up until 72 years old when one day his son convinced him to take up rowing.

Since then he's broken a few world records and scientists have found that he has better fitness levels than the average 40-year-old.

Here are 5 lessons we can learn from Richard about longevity:

Lesson #1 - Consistency is Key

Every day without fail he dedicates 40 minutes to his exercise routine, which we'll get into in a second. The same thing goes for his diet. In his words,

"I started from nowhere and suddenly realized there was a lot of pleasure in doing this."

Lesson #2 - Healthy body fat levels

Richard is 5'3, 131 lbs, which puts him in the normal range for BMI. His body fat was recorded at 15.4% through a bioimpedance scan. While the body fat may not be accurate it's still impressive for someone his age.

Lesson #3 - Is he as fit as a 40-year-old?

His vital capacity is ideal for a 40-year-old. His oxygen intake was ideal as well. His maximum heart was the highest ever recorded for his age. He's not as fit as the average 40-year-old. He's fitter.

Lesson #4 - His Training Program

He rowed 20 miles a week doing 70% low, 20% moderate & 10% high intensity. 2-3x a week he did resistance training doing 3 sets of lunges, curls & rows to failure.

Lesson #5 - His Nutrition

His diet is what most people would consider to be healthy. He eats primarily whole foods & minimal junk with a protein shake post-workout. He eats 110 grams of protein daily, which is around .8 grams per lb of body weight.

The main lesson we can take from Richard is that it's never too late to start. He focused on his health at 72 and now he's one of the fittest 90-year-olds on the planet.

The best time to get healthy was yesterday. The next best time is now.

3. Five Powerful Reasons To Take A Walk After A Meal

Every week or so my wife and I go out for date nights.

After we're done our meal we make sure to get some steps in for at least 15-30 minutes. Why? Because it makes us feel better.

Here are 5 other reasons why we should walk after meals:

  1. Walking after meals can help stabilize blood sugar and insulin. Several studies showed that even a five-minute walk after eating a meal had a measurable effect on moderating blood sugar levels with benefits seen 60-90 minutes post meal.
  2. Walking after meals improves digestion. Studies show that walking after eating for 10–15 minutes can help adults feel less bloated after eating while improving GI issues.
  3. Walking after meals improves mental health. Due to its effect on blood sugar walking after eating can help improve mood.
  4. Walking after meals improves quality of sleep. Walking after a meal helps relax the body and reduces stress, which can help facilitate better sleep
  5. Walking after meals can aid in weight loss. One study found that walking 30 minutes right after a meal can lead to more weight loss than walking for 30 minutes beginning one hour after a meal has been consumed.

Want an easy way to improve your body and mind? Take a walk after a meal.

Client Of The Week - Steve Claridge, Entrepreneur

Steve is an entrepreneur who lost his body when he started his company. He struggled with doing workouts consistently, accountability, and having a solid plan to lose the gut.

In one year we lost 33 lbs and gained 4 lbs of lean mass while increasing his energy and focus!

Here's how we did it:

  • Focused primarily on strength training to build and maintain muscle as we got lean.
  • Managed his nutrition by creating a set of 7 meals he could cook on his own to keep his calories and protein in check.
  • We put the main focus on behavior and identity change so weight loss became an inevitable outcome.

The most important thing is that his confidence levels are higher than ever before and that has translated into more success in his agency business.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to drop the fat, gain muscle, and boost energy? Click this link to apply for our coaching program.

One Quote to Finish Your Week Strong

“Resilience is accepting your new reality, even if it’s less good than the one you had before. You can fight it, you can do nothing but scream about what you’ve lost, or you can accept that and try to put together something that’s good.”

― Elizabeth Edwards

The Chinese symbol for crisis 危机 is composed of two elements: one signifies danger and the other opportunity.

It reminds me of a mindset I've adopted over the years, which is always how life is happening "for" me instead of "to" me.

There's opportunity in every crisis as long as we're willing to see it.

Have a great weekend!

- Dan


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