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5 Minute Fridays - November 4th 2022

5 minute fridays Nov 04, 2022

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One of the greatest influences on my life is my dad.

While he is not a perfect man he was the one who inspired me to become an entrepreneur.

He spent all of his money to migrate us from the Philippines to the United States.

He worked his way up but when we were denied our green card he started all over again and moved us to Canada.

He built us up from living in a relative's basement to upper middle class through sheer hard work. A good amount of times he'd sleep at his printing shop to get a job done.

Watching him take us from poor to middle class inspired me to become an entrepreneur.

Thankfully, today we have more tools at our disposal. We have access to the internet and people from across the world.

One person who's had an impact on my business is Justin Welsh.

He introduced to me the concept of solopreneurship and Linkedin.

He's had such an impact on my business that I had to interview him and tease out his secrets from building a 7 figure business at a 90% profit rate by himself.

You can check out the interview here.

I'm inspired by what he's done and I hope it helps you on your journey.

I'm blessed to have had such amazing role models for life, fitness, and business.

My hope is to impart to you what they've taught me.

4 Ways To Become a Better Human

1. The Phases of Body Transformation.

If you want to transform your body and build muscle you must understand that there are phases to this:

Phase 1 is cutting the fat. This means getting yourself to a body fat level where you'll be avoidant of preventable diseases. You'll also improve your hormones this way.

Phase 2 is body recomposition. This means to keep your body within 2-5% of your new weight (after cutting) so you set a new baseline for how much it weighs. You also can gain muscle in this period.

Phase 3 is muscle gain. This is the phase where you eat and workout specifically for hypertrophy. You'll gain a bit of fat in this phase but you'll also gain a lot of muscle.

Most people stay stuck trying to do phase 1 when they'd do better going through all 3 phases in order to build a faster metabolism.

2. The Mindset of "Good".

One of the best mindsets on the planet is Jocko Willink's "Good"

Did the mission get canceled? Good. We can work on our training. Is someone pissing you off? Good. You can use that energy in the gym.

Your perception is your reality. Use it to your advantage.

Here's a video done by the great and powerful Akira the Don that has become my go-to workout music.

3. Pre-Workout Eating System for Max Performance.

1. Eat 1-1.5 hours before workout
2. The closer to the workout the easier digestible forms of food you want to eat.
3. Best to pair low glycemic carbs with fruit, protein, and 0-15g of fat in the meal.

1. Protein oatmeal - Oats with banana with protein powder mixed in.
2. Rice, with kiwi, chicken
3. Protein shake with banana and fish oil For options #1 and #3 you would want to add in some cinnamon to manage the blood glucose spike.

4. 3 Exercises for a Stronger Low Back.

Low back pain can be a symptom of poor core strength. I use these 3 exercises religiously for my lower back.

They’re called the McGill Big 3 & they consist of the:

1. The McGill Crunch
2. Side plank holds
3. Focused & Activated Bird Dogs

They build endurance in the lower back & core while increasing core stability.

Here's a video on what they look like.

Client of the Week - Eric Bort, Entrepreneur

Eric is an entrepreneur who wanted to get jacked and look buff in T-shirts.

His main goal was to gain muscle while minimizing fat gain.

In 16 weeks he added 7 pounds of lean mass while starting to see his abs for the first time since high school.

Our strategy:
· Increase calorie intake with an emphasis on eating 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.
· Increased volume in the gym and focused on getting stronger.
· Improved his sleeping habits so he could let his body rest and build more muscle.
· Got his cardio in with walking.

Since working together he's more confident in his body than ever before and loves strength training in the gym.

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to be confident in your body and increase energy in a way that fits your busy life click here for a strategy call. 

1 Quote to Finish Your Week Strong

"One repays a teacher badly if one remains only a pupil."

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Mentors are important but what's more important is to graduate from mentorship so we can become who we're truly meant to be.

Onwards and upwards,

- Dan

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