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4 Minute Fridays: 5 Habits For A Healthy Gut, Quick Workout For Desk Workers & A Simple Tool To Breathe Better

4 minute fridays Apr 28, 2023

4 Minute Fridays

By Dan Go

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Hello friend,

The other day I reached a milestone that I would have never dreamed of achieving:

I crossed a million followers on social media.

Not many people know this but I got started during a tumultuous time. Covid was happening, the government was starting to shut things down and I was about to have my first baby.

I was also 40 years old at the time. I had doubts about whether I was too old, washed up, and didn’t have anything to say.

But I did 3 things that would change my life forever:

1. I bought multiple courses on how to grow on Twitter and finished all of them.

2. I got coaching from Ed Latimore who taught me the ins and outs of Twitter. He showed me what worked and what didn’t and helped guide me as I was starting.

3. I got started and focused on showing up and doing the work regardless of the outcome.

I remember crossing 1,000 followers and telling myself,

“Show up. Do the work”

I said the same thing to myself at 5000, 10000 all the way to 100,000 followers within a year's time. If I was into tattoos I'd have this written on both of my wrists.

I’m 3 years in and I’m still saying the same thing to myself.

I believe achieving anything comes down to focusing on a few steps:

You show up, do the work, and look for ways to improve. If you want to speed up your growth get coaching.

It’s that simple but most people make it complicated.

I'm still on my journey. There's a lot of growth to go and I'm not close to accomplishing what I want to accomplish.

I just hope that whatever you want to do you follow those steps above and keep at it. You never know what you can achieve.

Here Is Your 4-Minute Friday:

1. 5 Habits For A Healthy Gut

Your gut is the main portal for taking in and processing nutrients. It also acts as a communication center and disease fighter while influencing your brain.

If you want to be healthier you want to have a healthy gut.

Here are 5 ways to create one:

1) Limit or stop drinking alcohol
2) Eat a diversity of whole nutrient-dense foods
3) Decrease stress levels through mindfulness
4) Exercise on a regular basis
5) Stay hydrated Yes, you can use pre and probiotics but the best way to a healthy gut is through your habits.

2. Great Routine For Desk Workers

A great routine for people who sit at desks.

It takes about 5 minutes and it will help you feel stronger and pain-free.



Cat cows mobilize your spine
Bridge holds to activate your glutes.
McGill crunches to activate your core.
Side plank holds to activate your obliques
Bird dogs stabilize your core and glutes.

Do 6 reps of each exercise with slow and controlled movements while mentally activating your muscles.

Try it out between desk sessions & let me know how it went.

3. Simple Tool To Breathe Better

When I was first starting the habit of breathing through my nose I used nasal strips to open up my airways.

The reason I did this is because I had underused them, which led to limited breathing capacity through my nose. When you don't breathe through your nose the passageways can get smaller. It's a "use it or lose it" scenario.

Nasal strips help widen the nasal valve.

The valve is the narrowest part of your nasal airway, located inside the nose about halfway between your nostrils and the bridge of your nose. The strip decreases collapse and constriction so that you breathe more easily.

I don't use them anymore but back when I was dealing with this issue I used . They helped me breathe easier through the nose. Now that I'm a nose breather I don't need them anymore but I'd recommend them to anyone starting out.


Client of the week - Steve Claridge, Entrepreneur

Steve is an entrepreneur who lost his body when he started his company. He struggled with doing workouts consistently, accountability, and having a solid plan to lose the gut.

In one year we lost 33 lbs and gained 4 lbs of lean mass while increasing his energy levels.

We focused on strength training, eating nutrient-dense foods, and following his circadian rhythms so he could feel refreshed and energetic every day.

When you get the right client, the right coach, and the right plan together good things happen.

Are you an entrepreneur who wants results like this? ‚Äč

One Quote to Finish Your Week Strong

"Health is like money. We never have a true idea of its value until we lose it."
- Josh Billings

You never know how important good health is until you lose it. Sure, you could wait until something bad happens but we all know that's a bad strategy. The best time to get in shape was years ago. The next best time is now. Instead of regretting the past let's focus on what we can do. It's never too late to change. You got this.

- Dan

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