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4 Minute Fridays: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get In A Relationship, The Optimal Step Count According To Science, And The 85-Year-Old Study On Happiness

4 minute fridays Dec 08, 2023

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I don't know if I've ever told you this but when I was 22, I was in my worst shape ever.

I was smoking cigarettes, playing video games during the day, and partying at night. I never realized it then but when I look back I was highly insecure, lacked confidence, and had zero purpose.

Then something interesting happened...

My dad got a month-long pass to the gym and gave it to me.

Since I was doing nothing at the time I thought the best-case scenario was that I'd see hot women and kill an hour. The worst case was I'd see hot women.

But when I got into the gym it was a different story.

As I started to lift weights I started to see changes in my body and how I perceived myself. I started to see how I could shape how I looked by doing specific exercises. I started to change myself by changing my physique.

This also affected my brain.

I felt like a light switch had turned on in my spirit. I felt more energy, motivation, inspiration, and purposeful than ever before.

Going to the gym was one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Now imagine this...

You were gifted a new car at the age of 17 but it came with a caveat...

You could only drive that car for the rest of your life.

What would you do? You'd give it oil changes. You'd maintain it as well as you could, right?

Well, that car is your body. You're not going to get another one. The great thing is you can get started at any time. It's never too late to get in shape.

Put the focus on your health and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

That being said...

Here is your 4 Minute Friday:

1. This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Get In A Relationship

A study was done to find out what happens to people who get into relationships and the results were pretty eye-opening.

Researchers found that when men and women get in relationships they exercise less and stop taking care of themselves.

Something researchers also found that the more stable the relationship, the more they gained weight and this study was in line with previous studies on weight gain and relationships.

The reason this happened was that people felt they were already "set". They found a partner so there is no incentive to do things to make themselves more attractive.

It also is consistent with what I see in real life:

People get comfortable when they get into relationships. They treat the relationship as an outcome so once that's achieved they make their bodies less of a priority.

Something they forget is that part of the reason they attracted their partner is because they took care of themselves.

Look, there's no shame if this has happened to you. Life happens.

But this is no excuse not to do something about it. You can always take steps to become the best you.

Don't know where to start? Get coaching or invest in the Lean Body 90 course to get your body back to where it needs to be.

2. The Optimal Step Count For Better Health

One of the best ways to improve your health is your daily step count. But exactly how much is needed to see the benefit in health outcomes?

A new meta-analysis of 111,000 people from 12 different studies was done to find out the relationship between daily step counts and chances of all-cause mortality (aka. dying).

Researchers concluded that the best health benefits come from walking 8.8k steps a day.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. The results are an association. Just because you get 8.8k steps a day doesn't mean you're going to live longer.
  2. Step counts may be a reflection of something else. People with higher step counts are usually more active in general and this helps them live longer.
  3. Don't force yourself to get 8.8k steps a day just because of this. The person who loves walking will most likely get better outcomes than the person doing 8.8k steps just to live longer.

In general, it's better for your health if you are more physically active. Walking is one of the easiest ways to do this and I did a deep dive on this topic 

Something I've recently done is add a mini treadmill to my standing desk. Anytime I do meetings, admin work, or watch a show I turn it as a way to get steps in without thinking about it.

Regardless of how you do it find ways to get more steps in your life. Your brain and body will thank you for it.

3. What The Longest-Running Study On Happiness Reveals

When you ask young people what makes them happy one of the things they'll usually say is more money.

But is that true? If it is then why do people's happiness levels not increase after they win the lottery?

Luckily, thanks to Harvard we have an idea of what makes us happy. They've been running a study since 1938 on the factors that truly contribute to long-term happiness (hint, it's not money).

They first found that taking care of your physical health keeps you mentally healthy.

The second thing they found was relationships.

Having relationships not only keeps us healthier but keeps us happier, which is a great reminder that one of the ways to live longer is to have a great community and to choose the right life partners.

Money is great but past a certain point, it does not lead to more happiness.

Put your time into your health and relationships and you'll get the most bang for your buck in both health and happiness.

Client Of The Week - Sam (name withheld), CEO

Sam is an entrepreneur who struggled with his eating and finding the time to get in the gym.

He wanted to be healthier for his 2 children and knew that being in his 40's was the time to make it happen.

In 9 months he's dropped 44.4 lbs while getting into the best shape he's ever been in.

Our strategy:

  • Cut his workout time in half. Get him in and out of the gym in only 30 minutes by doing our super circuits.
  • Put his meals on a schedule and have them come automatically to him through a meal service.
  • Change his mindset from "losing weight" to developing habits that will last him a lifetime.

We're proud of the work we've done with Sam and grateful he was able to say

"Working with you guys is the best decision I've made this year"

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One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“It’s not how well you avoid problems. It's how fast you figure out what the problem is and fix it.”
- Tom Mueller SpaceX engineer

What's one problem that will make your life easier by finding the source and fixing it? Stop thinking. Do it now.

- Dan


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