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4 Minute Fridays: A White Powder That Makes You Smarter, A Simple Trick To Waking Up Energized & One Exercise That's Changed My Life

4 minute fridays Feb 02, 2024

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I was going to the gym the other day when one of the worst things happened...

I forgot my earbuds at home.

To make matters worse I also forgot my workout clothes too. It was a busy day with the kids and I was rushing out of the door.

I was about halfway to the gym and all sorts of thoughts came into my mind like,

"I can't workout without my clothes"

"This workout is going to be so boring without music"

Then a different thought came to mind,

"I don't need much to get things done"

So I drove to the gym and got my workout done in my jeans and no headphones. It wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst workout either.

Many times we create unnecessary rules around our actions.

Some people can't get to work without doing a 20-minute meditation in the morning. Others can't wake up without a morning cup of coffee.

Most times, these are stories we tell ourselves that have nothing to do with getting the work done.

My story was that I needed my gym clothes and earbuds to workout. That was not the case but I almost convinced myself that it was.

The most important thing is getting the work done no matter what the conditions are.

While it was slightly uncomfortable at the beginning of my gym session I was still able to get a great workout in.

A good thing to ask yourself is what stories do you tell yourself that get in the way of the work?

You might find out that most of it is just that: a story.

That being said...

Here is your 4 Minute Friday:

1. A White Powder That Makes You Smarter

I've been taking a white powder every single day that's had a positive effect on my brain and, no, it's not cocaine.

It's creatine.

In the largest study to date, ​researchers compared the cognition of 123 individuals for 6 weeks on and off of 5 grams of creatine a day.​ 

They found that creatine had a positive effect on our brain power compared to placebo.

It is well-documented that creatine plays a key role in a healthy brain.

There is some evidence that creatine supplementation can augment brain creatine stores, which could increase memory and overall cognitive function.

Creatine is a staple that my and clients use every single day for the brain and body.

There's massive amounts of research behind it and it's safe for 99.9% of people out there.

You don't need a special type either. You can get it in bulk ​here​.


2. A Simple Trick To Fight Fatigue In The Morning

Here's the situation:

You had a late night and your kids woke you up at 6am. You're tired, groggy, and not liking life at that very moment.

What should you do?

Put your face in a bowl of cold water.

Doing this triggers something called a ​Mammalian Reflex​.

It's a dive reflex in humans and mammals that happens when you hold your breath and immerse yourself in cold water.

This doesn't wake you up per se but it does several things to enact a great morning.

According to neuropsychologist Judy Ho, Ph.D.,

“When activated in emergencies where a person might drown, it is thought to conserve vital oxygen stores and maintain life by redirecting activity to the two organs most essential for life—the heart and brain,”

When this happens the body slows its heart rate and increases HRV leading to calmness and reduction of anxiety.

This is something I experienced when I lived in Costa Rica and surfed at dawn every morning.

The cold water on the face was a nice way of easing into a great morning with calm and poise.

Next time you feel like you need to feel better in the morning try this out and let me know how it went.


3. One Exercise That's Changed My Life

When I was a kid Jean Claude Van Damme was one of my heroes.

In his movies, he has a signature move where he does the splits and usually punches his opponent in the nether regions.

While I haven't got my flexibility to the point of doing the splits I have been making some great progress on my adductor mobility using the tactical frog exercise:



The adductors are a highly neglected region of the body that accounts for 25% of the force production of your legs.

As we age our muscles get tight and this is why we employ dynamic warmups for our ​coaching clients​ and ​Lean Body 90 ​students.

Try this for 30 to 60 seconds or 10 repetitions. Your adductors will thank you.


Client Of The Week - Rob Smith, Influencer


Rob is an entrepreneur & media personality who struggled with his eating habits & travel schedule.

In 4 months we dropped 20+ lbs while helping him create eating habits that fit his lifestyle.

The plan included lifting heavy objects, putting his meals on a schedule, and incorporating flexibility with the odd drink here and there.

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 One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong


“Life, in part, is like a poker game, wherein you have to learn to quit sometimes when holding a much-loved hand — you must learn to handle mistakes and new facts that change the odds.”
- Charlie Munger

A big part of poker (and life) is learning when to fold.

There's nuance to the idea of not quitting.

Don't quit the goal or vision you set for yourself. But be willing to quit the things that aren't working and try new things.

- Dan


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