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4 Minute Fridays: How To Eat More And Lose Weight, Revenge Bedtimes & A Supplement That Helps You Live Longer

4 minute fridays Feb 09, 2024

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It was a stressful day.

Long day at work and came home to crying babies and toddlers.

Once the dust settled I had a moment of reprieve.

Staring at me on the counter was a bag of chips we bought for our daughter. They were calling out to me like a siren.

I gave them a second look, gave it some thought, and then decided to put my shoes on to go for a quick walk.

In the past, I would lose my appetite when I felt stressed but when it was over I’d eat food to numb it.

It was a coping mechanism and if I'm being honest with myself it's still a part of me.

I'd do everything to avoid it but it would still come back to rear its ugly head until I figured out one thing...

Instead of trying to stop it, I replaced it.

I would go for walks, workout, or even journal to mitigate what I was feeling.

It's not perfect but I've found it to be much more effective than trying to abstain from a bad habit.

That being said...


Here is your 4 Minute Friday:

1. How To Eat More And Lose Weight

There's a term in fitness called "calorie density" where you can eat more food for the same number of calories.

An example would that that a mango and a slice of apple pie can weigh the same but the apple will contain far fewer calories than the donut.

Eating a diet that contains a high density of calories to their weight (ie. chips, cookies, etc..) is associated with weight gain and the opposite is true as well.

Also, foods low in calorie density tend to be higher in satiety, which can help you fill up on much fewer calories without having to go hungry.

This is a principle of what we do for our coaching clients and LB90 members. We switch out high-density calorie foods for low-density ones.

This helps us get away from having to "diet" and leads to a more sustainable way of eating that supports a good lifestyle.

2. Revenge Bedtimes

"Revenge bedtime procrastination" is a term that describes the decision to sacrifice sleep for recreation due to a daily schedule that lacks free time.

This term relates to people in high-stress jobs that take up the bulk of their day and it becomes a way to find a few hours of entertainment even though it results in less sleep, which leads to a vicious cycle of:

  • Get less sleep
  • Wake up tired the next day
  • Power through the rest of the day
  • Come back home stressed out

We all know we need good sleep to function so why do we do this? One explanation is that our willpower is at its lowest at the end of the day.

I'll add another reason:

For entrepreneur parents like myself, it's the only time we have to ourselves.

Most of our day is catering to someone else's needs whether it be business or family so when the kids are in bed it becomes the only chance at peace and quiet (😂)

My solution for this is to create a sleep routine that gently influences you to sleep.

Mine is drinking chamomile tea 2 hours before sleep, putting on blue light blockers, and reading a nice fiction book before bed.

Find one that works for you and make sure to get your 7-8 hours every night.

3. A Supplement That Helps You Live Longer (Sponsored Post)

When our 2nd baby was born, we had my mother-in-law stay with us at our home. During that time she was complaining about waking up at 1am and not being able to go to bed.

So I had her take 400 mg of magnesium glycinate to see what would happen.

The next day she slept until 5am. This continued on every day she supplemented with magnesium.

I didn't know it at the time but I think I may have helped extend her life as well.

People with the highest magnesium levels have a 40% lower all-cause mortality and 50% lower cancer-related mortality compared to people with the lowest magnesium levels.

Some studies show that as many as 50% of people in the Western hemisphere are magnesium deficient (!) due to the way we grow our foods.

If you are deficient in magnesium it can be a literal life changer leading to better sleep, lower stress, and all-around good health.

The unfortunate thing is that a good number of magnesium have insufficient levels of magnesium due to fillers and additives.

The brand I take (and gave to my mom) is called Natural Stacks.

I know the founder and have seen the quality he puts into each of his products.

You can grab some by clicking the link here 

Client Of The Week - Cliff Polley, Entrepreneur

Cliff is an entrepreneur who struggled with snacking & being sedentary.

His big goal was to get in shape so he could get more out of life and feel more vibrant. He needed a sustainable plan, accountability, and a way to make this a lifestyle.

In 7 months he's dropped 44 pounds, increased his energy & is feeling more healthy than he's ever felt in his life.

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One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“Luck is like a bus, If you miss one, there's always the next one. But if you're not prepared you won't be able to jump on."
- Qi Lu


The life bus theory:

To catch the bus you need to show up. To get on the bus you need to pay the fare (doing the work, prepping, etc..).

If you don't show up and do the work then you can see buses all day without getting on one of them.

- Dan


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