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4 Minute Fridays: Do This Exercise Before A Workout To Slow Aging, How To Use Stretching To Build Muscle & A Fruit For Better Gut Health

4 minute fridays Jan 26, 2024

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Last week I was in Mexico for an annual gathering with entrepreneurs.

I've been a part of this group for more than a decade and it's become my community.

I've grown up with these guys. I've seen their businesses explode and fail. I've seen them go from single to married to having kids to even getting divorced.

Something I told them recently is that I would not be where I am without them. Everything I've achieved has been made a reality by being in this group.

There's a certain magic that comes with being a part of a community where everyone is striving for the same things you are.

Napoleon Hill called this the Mastermind effect.

Masterminds are a group of people whose purpose is to help each member solve his or her problems with input and advice from the other group members.

They push you. Challenge you. They show you what's possible.

Joining coaching programs and masterminds has been the single best decision I've ever made for my business.

You can do a lot on your own but you can launch rocket ships with the help of many others.

My hope for you is that you find your tribe.

That being said...

Here Is Your 4 Minute Friday:

1. Do This Before Every Workout To Slow Aging

In our muscles, we have 2 types of fibers:

Type 1 muscle fibers are known as "slow twitch". They contain more mitochondria, which are used to produce more energy for endurance activities.

Type 2 muscle fibers are known as "fast twitch". They are used for short fast bursts of activity and are the fiber responsible for gaining muscle mass.

As we age, our Type 2 fast-twitch muscles deteriorate, which can negatively affect our metabolic rate.

A great way to combat this is to add plyometric training to your programs.

Plyometrics are a series of explosive body weight resistance exercises you'd do before or during your workouts and have been proven to be effective at counteracting the effects of aging on the body.

They are easy to learn and easy to recover from. You don’t need a huge investment of time.

An example would be a squat jump:


Other types of plyometric training are explosive pushups, box jumps, and burpees.

But before "jumping" into plyometrics I have to warn you:

If you're a beginner, de-conditioned, or dealing with injuries then these may be something you want to work up to. As with all things you must start slow and build up over time.

You can add these to the beginning of your workouts for 5-10 minutes as a way of activating your nervous system. Done over time you may be surprised at how your body and performance changes.

2. How To Use Stretching To Build Muscle

A recent study was done on 81 people who compared stretching to regular weightlifting for muscle growth.

Group 1 did 15 minutes of intense chest stretches on a machine 4 days a week. Group 2 did weightlifting 3x a week doing 5 sets of 12 reps on a chest machine.

After 8 weeks, both groups had similar muscle growth and got stronger in the stretched positions while the stretching group became more flexible in their chest muscles.

The cool thing is that you'd think that the stretching group only made their muscles longer but that was not the case. They made their muscles thicker.

A couple of things to note about this study are that they used recreational lifters and they used a special machine to stretch the pectoral muscles.

While the studies are early it does look like stretching can increase the growth of your muscles.

Here's how I'm using this in my training:

My calves have been a weak point in my body for quite some time. Something I've done while doing standing calf raises is to hold the lengthened position of the calf raise for 6 seconds to stretch the muscle.

I'm not sure if it's working or not but will report back once I get some results.

3. Eat This Fruit For Better Gut Health

One fruit that I've become obsessed with is the Pomelo.

It's a large Asian citrus fruit that's closely related to grapefruit but thankfully doesn't have the same bitterness.

Pomelo's are wildly nutritious. They are high in antioxidants with one fruit containing several days worth of vitamin C.

They are also rich in minerals like potassium, which help regulate blood pressure.

What I love about them the most is that they are great for the gut.

Pomelos are rich in insoluble fiber, which helps add bulk to your stool and prevent constipation.

Fiber serves as a food source for healthy bacteria in your gut and fruits like the pomelo have been associated with improved gut and brain health.

You may have a hard time finding these at your local grocery store. The best way to find one is to go to a Chinese grocery market as they usually carry them.

I've been eating this every day for the past few weeks and let's just say that my gut is thanking me.


Client Of The Week - Jon P, Entrepreneur

Jon is an entrepreneur dad who got out of shape when his son came into the world.

His biggest struggle was knowing the right things to do when it came to training and nutrition. He wanted to build muscle and burn fat in a way that fit his lifestyle.

In 12 weeks, he's dropped 19 pounds while adding significant pounds of lean muscle to his physique.

Our Strategy:

  • Changed his workouts from circuit training and cardio to strength training using progressive overload.
  • We set up a meal plan delivery service so he could have healthy meals without having to think about them.
  • Increased his protein intake to 1 gram per pound of body weight so he could burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

We added a healthy dose of expert coaching and accountability and, well, the results speak for themselves.

Now he's confident in his body and he's proud of setting a good example for his family.

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One Quote To Finish Your Week Strong

“I will do this" is the only attitude that works. "I'll try" or "I think" doesn't work.”
- David Kekich from the Kekich Credos 

When I'm faced with a seemingly impossible obstacle I tell myself one thing,

"I'll figure it out"

If something is important enough to you then there is no such thing as trying. You keep at it until you figure it out.

- Dan


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