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4 Minute Fridays: 3 Vegetables For Longevity, Weight Loss With Weight Vests & The Best Music For Productivity

4 minute fridays Jul 07, 2023

4 Minute Fridays

By Dan Go

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Ever since April 2020, I've been creating on the internet. It's brought me so many opportunities but the cool thing is that it's put me in touch with people that I respect and admire.

This is why I couldn't help but feel a way when I saw this on my timeline:

When this happened I had so many friends reach out and congratulate me like I won an Oscar. It was amazing.

When the dopamine wore off and the excitement came down I reminded myself of my mantra:

"Show up. Do the work. Look for ways to improve."

Then I went back to work.

It's great to see little bits of validation for the things you're creating. The most important thing is to remember that it comes from showing up to the arena and performing every day regardless of how you feel.

That being said...

Here is your 4-Minute Friday:

1. 3 Vegetables For Longevity

The foods you eat can have a huge effect on how long you live.

There are 3 vegetables in particular that have been shown in studies to decrease the rate of death.

#1 Broccoli - A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that took a look at 134,000 over 4.5 years. They found cruciferous vegetable intake was correlated with a lower death rate from cardiovascular disease, which most likely is due to the sulforaphane content, which calms inflammation.

#2 - Swiss Chard - This veggie contains kaempferol, which is a flavonoid that has been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cardiovascular, and neuroprotective properties while also preventing DNA damage.

#3 - Sweet Potatoes - These have anthocyanins, beta carotene, and chlorogenic acid all of which have been shown to be powerful antioxidants while also contributing to improved brain function.

I want to see you live as long as you can so next time you hit the grocery store, load up on these veggies.

2. Weight Vests For Weight Loss?

Researchers at the University of Gothenburg did a study to see if wearing a weight vest during normal daily activities would result in the loss of body weight, particularly fat mass.

So they gathered up 69 mildly obese Swedes and instructed them to wear the vests for 8 hours per day for three weeks.

The group wearing the 24-pound vest lost an average of 3.5 pounds during the 21-day testing period without changing their normal diets and also retained their muscle mass. (The control group participants dropped about half a pound of fat.)

The researchers theorized that wearing a weight vest for 8 hours a day affected your body weight set point or in their words "Gravitostat".

A set point is a body weight at which your body feels most comfortable. By wearing the vest researchers speculated that it triggered a signal from the brain to the body to get it back to where it felt normal.

I would wait for more research to come out regarding this but it is something I'd be willing to test out myself.

3. Best Music For Productivity

Every morning from Monday to Friday I sit at my desk, turn on my computer, drink my coffee, and open an app to help get me in the zone.

The app I use is called and it's been the music I listen to when I'm trying to get into deep work because it uses binaural beats.

Binaural beats are an auditory illusion created by the brain listening to two tones of different frequencies, one in each ear. When the two tones align, they produce a beat with a different frequency.

Studies show that low-frequency binaural beats are associated with mental relaxation and high-frequency beats with alertness and attentional concentration

Other benefits include reduction of anxiety, memory retention, and increased creativity & cognition.

I use because the user interface is clean and easy to navigate and it also has different modes for productivity, creativity, relaxation, etc...

I'm going to get the founder Dan Clark on a podcast soon to talk about the benefits of Binaural beats. When that happens I'll share it with you.

Client of the week - Matt, Entrepreneur

Matt is an entrepreneur who wanted to get more fit so he could be a better example to his family.

He didn’t care about getting a six-pack.

He just wanted to be healthier and avoid his family history of heart disease.

In 12 weeks we dropped 34 lbs & went from a 41-inch waist to a 34.

Now his energy is through the roof & he’s more productive at work than ever before.

But more importantly, we got him off his blood pressure medication and his wife and kids are now joining him in the workouts and healthy eating.

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One Quote to Finish Your Week Strong

“There’s a significant difference between what you want to achieve (goals) and who you want to become (your identity).
A goal is vulnerable to the endless changes in life. An identity is permanent and can weather any storm.” - Adam Bornstein from the book You Can't Screw This Up 

I had a client ask me about the common traits of successful clients. I told him that they were less focused on losing weight and more focused on the person they were trying to become.

Setting a goal is fine but creating an identity is where you'll see the most change.

- Dan

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