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The 3 Best Core Exercises You're Not Doing

get lean Feb 21, 2023

The High Performance Journal​ - ​February 21st 2023 ​

In today’s issue, I want to show you my favorite core training exercises.

When most people think about core training they usually do a ton of sit-ups, Russian twists, and leg raises.

While these might train your abs but they are horrible at training your core. Also, when done over time those traditional exercises could ruin your low back through repeated flexing of your spine.

You must understand that core muscles are more than just your abs.

Your core is one of the most important muscle groups in your entire body that involves many muscles.

It includes your stomach or belly area, mid and lower back, hips, and glutes (butt muscles):


More than 7 billion people have a core.

But most don’t know how to unlock their full power.

Here are 3 powerful moves that will help you build a high-performance core:

1. Anti-Rotation Exercises

These are exercises that resist rotation in the lower spine.

This exercise strengthens core stability by using your obliques & core to resist turning your body.

Example (click on a tweet to watch video):


2. Anti-Lateral Flexion Exercises

These are exercises that resist side-bending.

These exercises use your obliques to resist a motion to help maintain proper hip & core position.

Example (click on a tweet to watch video):


3. Anti-Extension Exercises

These are exercises that resist extension or arching at the lower part of your back aka. the lumbar spine.

These exercises strengthen your core while providing added protection for your spine.

Example (click on a tweet to watch video):


Before attempting these, do this:

When you do these moves you have to remember to do 2 important things:

  1. Brace your core by pushing it out as if Mike Tyson was gonna punch you in the stomach. This is how you activate your core.
  2. Squeeze your glutes as if you’re trying to crush a walnut in your butthole. This also activates your core and keeps your body from moving.

Bringing it together

When you do these exercises you will become stronger and more resilient to injury while creating a set of abs that will look amazing at the beach.

Don’t be the person who does thousands of crunches and sit-ups at the gym.

Start doing these and start feeling the difference by training your core the way it was meant to be trained.

- Dan

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